Marketing Strategy For Real Estate Professional

Massoud Aaron Yashouafar

In today’s society the internet can ultimately make or break a business. The way a business markets their brand has drastically changed over the past 25 years. Your online presence is essential to your success, utilizing the right outlets and optimizing your properties can substantially change the audience you reach. For real estate agents, knowing the ins and outs of content marketing is crucial for success!

Having a fully optimized website is the first rule of thumb for a successful content marketing strategy. This property operates as the focal point of your business and where all aspects of your strategy point to. First decipher what your search term is, what keywords do most people search for when looking up your business or your brand? Find a domain that incorporates those search terms best. You want to ensure your website is fully flushed out, complete with a professional bio (which includes your search term), contact page, and a page for your consistent content to live. Adding images and videos to your website is essential for engagement, your audience is more likely to stay on your page given visual aspects.

Search engines take in a number of aspects when it comes to ranking properties, such as the life of the property (how long your website has been live), activity on the property (how often are there updates to the site), quality of content (is the information provided on your website unique and informative to users). Often times adding a blog page, where you discuss various aspects of your industry, real estate, and offer readers an opinion, search engines tend to acknowledge the authority of your site. You don’t necessarily have to update your website every day, but posting blogs as often as possible this encourages search engines to rank your website higher.

Finally you’ll want to expand your audience through social media outlets. Social media is a crucial component in reaching your target audience. Make sure your brand is present on the major platforms (FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram), connect and engage with your target market. Be sure to link back to your site, where your relevant content, should captivate your audience!


Check back for more tips on expanding your brand from Massoud Aaron Yashouafar!


from Aaron Yashouafar Real Estate


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