5 Best Apps for Interior Design

In this new age of technology, there seems to be an app for everything. Fortunately, this is more than just a mere passing thought – there really is an app for everything! Apps have been growing by the number every day to include more complex functions, niche needs, and ultra specific projects. Interior designing has finally been added to the world of mobile and tablet applications, making it easier for both professional and recreational designers to get creative and take charge. Below are some of the best tools currently available.

Color Capture AppColor Capture

This Benjamin Moore application allows you to simply take a picture from an iPhone or Android device and select the matching Benjamin Moore color card. With an inventory of over 3,500 paint colors, you’re sure to find a match that’s very close to your source of inspiration. You can even share your favorite colors via Facebook, Twitter, and email. Paired with the ability to quickly locate your closest Benjamin Moore retailer, this app definitely comes in handy for those looking to spruce up a space with a pop of color.

Availability: iPhone // Android phone
Price: Free

Houzz AppHouzz

This app allows the user to scroll through a number of elegant room designs and collect their favorites. Dubbed the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design” by CNN, Houzz has the largest internet database of interior design ideas. These high quality images will be sure to inspire your next big renovation. This app is available in English, Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.

Availability: iPhone // iPad // Android
Price: Free

Mark on Call AppMark on Call

Created by interior designer Mark Lewison, this app allows you to start with a basic floor plan, and build on top of that space to create your dream home. You can figure out the best sized furniture, appropriate light fixtures, and even floor selection. With a large number of fabrics, rugs, flooring, and finishings to choose from, Mark on Call helps prevent rookie mistakes when designing a room from scratch. Even those looking to dabble in design as an hobby will find joy in the app’s simplicity and usability.

Availability: iPhone // iPad
Price: $4.99

House Design ProHouse Design Pro

If you’re looking for a Mac OS alternative, House Design Pro allows for a rich experience in home design and decor. Much like Mark on Call, House Design Pro lets you “photoshop” a bare floor plan to your liking, including home furnishings, flooring, lighting, and basic dimension guidelines to promote accuracy and prevent over or under estimating the size of something as fundamental as a rug. Never have an awkwardly arranged space again!

Availability: Mac OSX
Price: $14.00


Many of you are already familiar with Pinterest, but for those of you who are not, Pinterest is a social network that allows users to form collections of images of posts they find interesting or useful. Already a popular platform, Pinterest provides a large community of interior designers, homemakers, and DIY specialist who provide step-by-step instructions, resources, and examples of the best ways to complete a design project. Following the right boards can open a world of creativity one never thought possible.

Availability: iPhone / iPad / Android / Web
Price: Free

Hopefully in one or more of these applications, you can find the perfect tool to help with your new home design project.

from Aaron Yashouafar Architecture http://ift.tt/1JvQQmJ

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