Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

While real estate agents thrive on in-person connections, it’s important for them to note the importance of being present on social media as well. Below are some tips to enhance your online presence.

Be Unique
It’s important to maintain an online presence in the real estate industry, but you must be unique and stand out of the crowd to succeed. Many business know they should have a Facebook, so they’ll create a page, and then have no idea what to do with it. Don’t be that person that only posts the homes they are selling, and nothing else, wondering why nobody wants to view your page. In an age where most businesses are on social media, you have to find ways to make your company stand out. Offer personalized services in a creative way.

Be Consistent
Another way to beat your competitors is to post regularly. Sometimes it is ok to simply post nice photos of homes you have for sale, but that shouldn’t be the only thing you post. Some other ideas are tips for your clients: things like prime times to sell, or trends that are emerging. Notify your customers of what is new in the real estate industry to establish a trustworthy bond. You can also give maintenance or home care tips for potential or current homeowners. As a rule though, links, videos, and pictures do much better than plain text posts, so if you decide to give tips, it might be better to use an infographic or video to do so.

Be Active
Social media is not a one way conversation. It is not a commercial or ad that you setup and forget until you need to update it. Know your audience and ask questions. If someone asks a question, answer it! Get your clients involved, and have conversations. By getting the gist of what your followers are looking for, you may alter your content accordingly, making it easier to acquire new clients. Also, interacting with your followers and fans will encourage them to spread word about your company.

Be Professional
There’s nothing worse than losing a potential client because your office is messy, right? Treat your social media pages the same way. Remember, your personal and professional lives should be separate. Potential clients now use social media sites to get a better look at your company. Keep your pages clean, professional, and an extension of you, and the work you will do for your clients. Create an ethical and professional environment to positively display your company and gain strong clientele.

Be Aware
Even if you do everything correctly, your posts still might not be seen, simply because you are posting them at the wrong time. Some platforms have a way to schedule posts ahead of time, so they will post at the time you want them, instead of when you create them. Make use of those. It will take the hassle of actually being online to post at the correct times off your shoulders. Be sure to post at optimal times, where there is most traffic on the appropriate platform. And again, pay attention to what your viewers like and dislike. What kinds of posts are getting views? Make more of those. Tailor your pages to your audience.

Optimal Posting Times (Based on EST):

aaron yashouafar social media times

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