A New Model of Real Estate Branding

Modern times make for modern business practices. Marketing firms are busier than ever trying to accommodate the needs of niche industries ranging from fashion and retails to technology and food. The Real Estate industry is now trying to get in on a piece of the action by hiring freelance journalists to help with publication quality feature length articles. These articles are intricately intertwined with home listings. Just last week, industry powerhouse Douglas Elliman launched the Elliman magazine at New York City’s O’mar’s La Ranita. The magazine boasts 336-pages of house listings, celebrity profiles, and advertisements. Instead of simply listing houses, the lifestyle publication targets a broader audience, gaining larger overall viewership and traffic. Elliman utilized top contributors from established publications like Vanity Faire.


Elliman Spring/Summer 2015

Another prominent commercial real-estate firm JLL teamed up with Real Views, a website focused on the impact of real estate on wider economic and societal issues. The firm has hired about 5 journalists to help them write urbanization and sustainability themes articles. JLL is hoping this will impact their brand in a tremendous way. Real Estate companies have realized that the traditional form of marketing and press release isn’t meeting the right audience. As millennials are gradually becoming first-time homeowners, the Real Estate industry has to partner with the marketing and publishing industries to find the best way to reach their constituents.

Of course with new initiatives comes controversy and opposition. As companies big and small begin to hire social media managers and bloggers to represent the company on their behalf, the issues of quality control, fact checking, and journalistic rhetoric are left to the discretion of the company instead of traditional news outlets. The unfamiliar playing field of self-branding and promotion leaves some questioning the authenticity of blurring the lines between Real Estate, Marketing, and Publishing. Instead of producing an outlet for the purpose of promoting factual information, a sales pitch based atmosphere void of negative content has been created.

Either way, like any industry, Real Estate must stay in alignment with the times in order to survive and remain fruitful. How that should be done is still up for debate.

from Aaron Yashouafar Real Estate http://ift.tt/1FOV9aE

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